Smart Cap: Eliminating Fatigue Incidents for Truck Drivers

Sleepy truck drivers are a risk to society and themselves

The biggest danger to truck drivers on American highways is fatigue. According to the The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) loss of sleep may contribute to 30-40% of all accidents on highways. Long-haul trips where the driver must be awake for long periods of time account for nearly 65% usually mean the driver must be awake for longer periods. Looking at the graphic below, we can see that drivers themselves list fatigue as number 7 in the 10 factors that cause accidents; brake problems are number 1 and inattention, which may occur with sleep loss, is number 10. Even more worrying, 1 in 4 drivers reported falling asleep at the wheel in the month previous to the survey.

Deprived sleep leads drivers to have slower reaction times than normal. Truck drivers are often asked to drive through the night and are constantly getting bad quality sleep on longer trips. It is difficult for drivers to assess their own fatigue, even though their decision making is severely impaired they are still self-confident in their driving abilities. It is this false sense of self-confidence that makes long-distance truck driving so dangerous to both the driver and other people on the road.

IoT to the rescue

SmartCap looks like a regular baseball cap but contains technology that monitors a trucker’s brainwaves and keeps them awake. The exterior of the cap contains electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors that analyze the user’s brainwaves. The cap uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze the data gathered by the EEG sensors. After analyzing this data, a risk assessment number is produced and the user is warned of signs and symptoms of fatigue is real time. They are alerted of their fatigue before they have the realization themselves.

Technology utilized

SmartCap: is a typical baseball cap that contains basic electronics concealed in the lining for brainwave measurement, the basis for calculating SmartCap fatigue levels.
SmartCap Display: is a simple-to-use touch interface that provides the user with real-time information including fatigue measurements presented on a numerical scale, fatigue alarms and connectivity status. All information is stored inside the SmartCap display. This information can be downloaded for analysis or can be communicated over a wireless network.
Processor Card: this is where the processing takes place by turning EEG information into fatigue levels. Sophisticated algorithms are stored on the card which allows brainwaves to be turned into useful information that can be used by operators to follow potential risks. The processor card is docked into the headwear and communicates to the display using Bluetooth.


SmartCap has already logged over one million hours analyzing employee brainwaves since its entry into the market in 2012. A number of big-name companies, such as Vareli Tecnac in India have already signed contracts in order to increase the safety of their drivers. Field tests for the SmartCap have shown a 94.7% accuracy rate.

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