Smart Bra: Helping Women Measure Wellness Levels

Cindy Wu was looking for a solution to help her get to grips with the depression that was plaguing her daily existence. According to data from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, like Cindy, 1 out of 10 women 18-44 years old experienced symptoms of major depression in the past year in the USA.  The only thing that she found helped her control her mood levels was yoga. The good posture and breathing levels she experienced in her yoga practice seemed to be the key to creating a happy attitude as a measure to combat her mood swings. Feeling inspired, she created the VITALI Smart Bra as a solution for monitoring wellness levels in everyday life.

The VITALI has integrated fabric sensors and HRV in the upper torso that track and monitor breathing, posture and heart rate variability at a far greater level of accuracy than wrist-worn fitness trackers. All of the electronics are stored in a small stone-shaped device that the company calls a gem. When the bra notices slight increases in the wearer’s breathing, it nudges them through a series of small vibrations. The wearer then tries to bring their breathing levels down by matching the rhythm of the vibrations. The bra also helps posture by giving a short sharp tap when the wearer is slouching.

What makes the VITALI device particularly unique is that is wearable tech that is specifically designed for women by women. Cindy designed the device as an undergarment because she felt that existing fitness trackers were ugly: “It’s just not in my style to be wearing those silicon wristbands”, she said in an interview for Mashable. A sentiment that is often shared by women towards a lot of the existing fitness trackers and wearable technology currently available. The bra comes in two colors and is available in sizes from 30AA to 40DD.

Technology Utilized

GEM: is the brain of the bra. It analyzes breathing patterns and vibrates in a way to coach the wearer back to healthy breathing rhythms. It also coaches them to have good posture by giving a short thud when they are slouching. The GEM contains a Bluetooth module for communicating to a smartphone app.

Smart Bra: is fitted with four fabric-based sensors that track breathing and HRV.


The Vitali Smart Bra is the realization of the founder Cindy Wu’s goal of building a stylish technological solution to integrating the mindfulness and positive breathing practices of Yoga into women’s everyday life.

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