IoT Safeguards Your Best Friend’s Health

Link AKC smart collar

Some of the most popular IoT consumer devices today are wearables that track activity and health, like Fitbit and the Samsung Gear Fit. The popularity of health tracking is gradually spreading to hospitals and home care with devices that allow physicians to remotely track and monitor patients. Now IoT innovators are eyeing our best friend, dogs.

The Link AKC is a smart dog collar packed with technology to not only get your lost dog home safe but to track and monitor its activity, location, and health. In other words, you’ll never lose your dog again.

How The Link AKC Smart Dog Collar Works

Link AKC smart collar

The Link AKC includes a range of tools for location tracking and activity monitoring, bundled inside a curved latigo leather collar specifically designed for strength and flexibility. These tools are accessible through an Android or iOS app. The smart collar includes a GPS unit for tracking your canine friend, as well as an alert system that notifies you if the dog runs loose. You can also set up a temporary virtual fence, with the system alerting you if your dog wanders off.

Packed with artificial intelligence (AI), a 3-axis accelerometer, and temperature sensors, the smart collar tracks and monitors your dog’s activity. Based on the dog’s age, breed, behavior, and size, the dog collar makes recommendations on activity levels. This data is relayed to the smartphone app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This enables you to manage your dog’s health and wellness based on precise data obtained by the smart collar.

The temperature sensors alert you if the dog is in an environment that is either too hot or cold. At night, you can activate the built-in app-controlled LED lights. This enables you to locate your canine friend, and it helps your dog see in the dark.

Link AKC smart collar

Besides the collar itself, the Link AKC comes with a separate collar carrier for the tracking unit, the smartphone app, and a base station charger with two USB ports for charging the collar’s lithium-ion battery and your smartphone at the same time.

The Link AKC smart dog collar was showcased at this year’s CES and bagged the prestigious CES 2017 Best Of Innovation award. Currently retailing at $179, the smart collar can be purchased from the Link AKC website, and is available in four sizes.

The Link AKC smart dog collar marks the beginning of IoT-enabled dog collars that safeguards your dog’s wellness and paves the way for a better and clearer understanding of canine health.

How To Build Your Own With HWTrek Experts

For Creators seeking to build a smart dog collar similar to Link AKC, we have a range of expertise and resources on HWTrek that can assist you in going from concept to market deployment.

Link AKC smart collar

GPS pet tracker

The core technology of the smart dog collar is a GPS unit that tracks your dog. HWTrek houses leading expertise in this field, with E-fortune and TRACEEZ at the forefront. They specialize in pet trackers and have extensive experience in working with IoT products. Shoot them a message on HWTrek to learn more.

Accelerometer and temperature sensors

The smart dog collar obtains data with a 3-axis accelerometer and temperature sensors. On HWTrek, Aecl is a leading Expert in anything sensor-related. They have expertise in both accelerometers and temperature sensors. To find out more, send a message to their representative on HWTrek.

RF module

The Link AKC collar connects to the smartphone app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. There is a range of Experts on HWTrek with expertise in radio frequency (RF) modules; we recommend contacting Innosystem Technology and NiceRF. Both are based in Shenzhen and have experience with IoT projects. Get in touch to learn more.

LED light

The smart dog collar includes LED lights that enable the owner to see the dog, and the dog to see in the dark. Bling Lighting and Everlight are HWTrek Experts with solid know-how on LED lights. Send them a message to find out more.

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