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We’ve looked at how companies are bringing everyday products into the digital age, such as the AI-enabled toothbrush. These products have served an important role in our well-being for ages, but are often overlooked by high-tech companies in the rapid-evolving IoT industry.

Now, French company Nov’in is bringing another age-old product into the limelight. They’ve partnered with Fayet, a century-old industrial manufacturer of canes, to develop the Dring Smartcane. Designed for those with low mobility and the elderly, the Smartcane uses IoT technology to safeguard the user.

How The Dring Smartcane Works

Dring Smartcane

The Smartcane keeps the traditional design of the walking cane and designed to be lightweight and ergonomic.  Hidden inside the grip there’s an accelerometer and gyroscope that monitor the user’s habits and detects any unusual situations.

For instance, a sudden reduction in activity can mean that the user fell down or is in need of assistance. The cane will then connect itself to the GSM network and alert caregivers via phone call, text message, or email.

In addition, an embedded GPS module sends the location of the Smartcane to the caregiver, who then responds to the alert. Subsequently, a confirmation is sent to the cane, letting the user know that rescue is on the way.

The sensors also collect user data, which AI algorithms analyze to learn about the user’s habits and detect potential emergency situations, such as abnormal walking patterns that could indicate an illness.

Dring Smartcane

The Dring Smartcane was first showcased at CES 2017, among the horde of sci-fi drones and cutting-edge cars, nonetheless bagging the Innovation Award for its inventive design. The Smartcane is expected to hit the market at the end of the year.

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The Dring Smartcane includes an accelerometer and gyroscope hidden inside the handle to monitor and collect data on usage. HWTrek has a range of expertise on sensors with Seltech at the forefront. Get in touch with their representative on HWTrek to learn more.

AI falling prevention algorithm

The Smartcane uses AI algorithms to analyze and learn about the user’s behavior and detect potential detrimental conditions. On HWTrek you can connect with Experts who have the know-how on falling prevention algorithms, and we recommend Gemsense. They offer a wide range of services for Creators wanting to build any smart product. Message their representative on HWTrek to find out more.

GPS module

When the Smartcane alerts the caregiver of an accident it includes the location of the Smartcane. This is achieved with an embedded GPS module. There are plenty of Experts on HWTrek with expertise on GPS, and we recommend Lite Guardian. They have more than 10 years experience in the GPS market, with a specific focus on health and well-being. Shoot them a message to learn more.

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