Hardware Toys for Kids


For kids growing up these days there is an abundance of entertainment choices. Born into the world with touchscreens and all the advanced tech we have at home, kids get easily immersed into the digital world for hours and hours. This concerns parents who wish to have alternative toys to engage their children. Innovative hardware startups are creating some amazing things in this space as well. We selected a few of our favorite projects:




If I had SPHERO SPRK as a kid, I (probably) would be a lot better in maths. This shiny little robo-ball is a sophisticated platform for teaching kids robotics, programming, and STEM principles. The SPRK app experience lets you give your robot orders with visual blocks representing code – SPHERO’s own C-based language called OVAL. They are truly bringing fun back into learning.

LeeLuu Nightlights


LeeLuu nightlights look like something from Northern European folk tales… and they are! This Finnish hardware startup is solving a very common problem among the little ones – a fear of darkness. With LeeLuu, the child can bravely explore the dark corners of their room and leave a LeeLuu light there to guard it.

Dash and Dot


Dash and Dot by Wonder Workshop is a robot duo that enables kids to learn coding with robotics. Combining a real robot with coding makes learning a fun and adventurous experience. And they are absolutely adorable!

Robo Wunderkind

robo wunderkind

Robo Wunderkind is a robotics kit that allows you to build your own robot, have fun, and pick up basic coding skills along the way. It makes us wonder, what will these kids, growing up with such toys, create for future generations?

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