This Anti-Snore Wearable is Designed to Save Relationships

Anti-snoring technology that keeps people together

Sharing a bed with someone who snores is not easy. Being woken up every night by your significant other is testing for any relationship. We recently discussed the negative effects that bruxism can have on sleep quality. There are a lot of products on the market that can help snorers, but they are often intrusive and involve uncomfortable masks, mouth or nose pieces.  The US-based startup, have a created a comfortable, wearable alternative.

Research has shown that 70% of the snorers only snore when they are sleeping on their back.  However, turning to the side usually opens the sleeper’s airway, causing the snoring to stop. Recognizing this the team developed their device to turn a person on their side, as soon as the snoring starts. This works by the connected smartphone app(pictured below) first detecting the snoring which triggers the wearable to gently vibrate in a way which arouses them to change their position.  The app uses an algorithm that is able to detect snoring and sleeping sounds, even when there are other people in the room. The app creates a personal record of snoring and grinding and helps to identify factors that may be causing this, such as drinking alcohol or smoking.

Technology Utilized

  • Vibration Motor: a low energy vibration motor is powered by a battery. It is triggered as soon as the grinding or snoring is detected by the app.
  • Wearable Device: the Anti-Snore wearable itself is made with premium leather holster and soft elastic strap.
  • Bluetooth Module: this module connects the device with the app.


To test the device, the team conducted a Polysomnography (PSG)  in a sleep laboratory. The PSG measure things like snoring, teeth grinding and the position of the body and is the golden standard for testing sleep devices. The two photos below show the person lying on their back(left) and then turning to the side(right) after the wearable vibrated.

The first graph(above) shows the sleep cycle (N1 & N2 is light sleep) of the person being tested. The second graph represents the person’s sleeping position. The final graph shows the snoring sound. Looking at the blue arrows, we can see a clear moment of snoring, the wearable vibrating and the patient managing to change their sleeping position without waking up.

The project was realized through the bringing together of exceptional medical professionals and data scientists. The hardware is relatively simple, but the application of a smartphone as a sound-recorder is unique. Even more unique is the algorithm that can separate snoring and grinding sounds from other in a room. While the device may be simple, the problem that snoring causes for relationships isn’t.

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