Augmented Reality Glasses Provide New Aid for the Visually Impaired

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Augmented Reality and Optics

There are an estimated 285 million people worldwide registered as visually impaired: 39 million are blind while the remaining 246 possess low vision. The loss of one’s sight is extremely debilitating to day to day life, resulting in reliance on aids such as seeing-eye dogs or walking sticks. While these forms of aid are able to provide localization of surrounding objects, they are unable to provide a true sense of awareness for one’s environment.

Noticing how few assistive technologies were available for the visually impaired, Oxford-based company OxSight created the augmented reality powered Smart Specs. Studies show that almost 85% of people with visual impairment retain some variation of sight, whether it be through light, shadow, or shape detection. Oxsight’s Smart Specs utilize the degree of sight that patients have retained and amplifies it with AR technology.

Today’s AR technologies are able to quickly identify and differentiate object classes such as the floor, objects, and walls. The human brain processes our perception of our environment similar to modern AR cameras. Using this concept, OxSight’s Smart Specs enhance the way our brain already processes 3D environments by adding cartoon-like overlays to bring attention to certain object classes. Users can customize the overlay layer by adjusting colors, shadows, highlights, or by zooming in or out to fit their needs..

Unlike previous technologies for the visually impaired, the Smart Specs are able to operate without the requirement of components hooked to the brain or optical implants. Using a combination of technologies such as transparent displays, camera systems, sensors, and visual techniques designed for AR, the smart glasses are completely external and can be removed at any time.

Technology Utilized

  • Camera: a discrete camera attached to the right side of the smart glasses captures raw footage of what the user is seeing in real time.
  • Ultrasonic Distance Sensor: ultrasonic distance sensors are able to collect data on how far in proximity objects are from the user.
  • Digital Signal Processor: data from the camera and distance sensors are sent to the digital signal processor to create the final projected image. User customized adjustments made through the remote are also included for processing.
  • Transparent Display: a transparent display acts as the lens of the glasses. Upon processing, the final image is projected here to create the device’s image overlay effect for the user. As the display is transparent, the user’s eyes are still visible to the public.


OxSight’s Smart Specs returns the sense of awareness of one’s surroundings and provides a more interactive way to see the world. By enhancing sight and returning the ability to differentiate between foreground and background objects, users can confidently venture out on their own. Usage of the device is not disruptive to users day to day lives and feels familiar to wearing traditional glasses. Unlike devices from the past which resembled headgear or goggles, the device is able to give off an appearance similar to traditional glasses through its transparent lenses.

Prototype testers of OxSight’s Smart Specs felt that the device provided more confidence and freedom of movement. The most powerful outcome from early testers was the ability to see their loved one’s faces again – something many had thought they would never experience again. Users enjoyed how easily they could customize the glasses to fit their needs and how little impact the glasses had on their interactions.

As Smart Specs can be customized to fit a variety of visual impairment conditions, the device will be able to assist a wider majority of those needing optical assistive technologies than any other device prior. The device is also able to adapt to changing visual impairment without any additional hardware through its simple adjustment controls unlike implants and internally wired devices.

Stay tuned, OxSight’s Smart Specs are expected to launch late 2017.

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