Eye-catching Crowdfunding Campaigns this Week

iKlips DUO: 256GB storage to manage iOS your way

iKlips duo

The new generation of iKlips is a real must-have gadget for all iPhone and Apple ecosystem users. It allows to quickly and easily store and share your media files between all devices –  iOS, Mac, and PC. You can get 32GB to 256GB versions in various colors. Now on Indiegogo!

Kamibot | Robot Teaches Your Kids to Code


Kamibot is an adorable and programmable papercraft robot for kids. They can endlessly customize it with their code and many colorful skins. Learning coding is one of the most important skills to have today. Making learning into a fun game is… well, fun. You can find this project on Kickstarter!

Flash Pack – Smallest Fast Charging Battery Bank


Running out of batteries is probably #1 first world problem these days. Flash Pack is a power bank that charges in 14 minutes from your own laptop charger. Now on Indiegogo!

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