Eye-catching Crowdfunding Campaigns this Week


BLOCKS – The World’s First Modular Smartwatch


BLOCKS is world’s first modular smartwatch and the last wearable device you will need! You can choose modules with functions that best fit your lifestyle. BLOCKS is also an open hardware platform, thus developers around the world can design their modules giving customers even more choices. Now on Kickstarter!

Biopod – World’s First Smart Microhabitat


If you ever wanted to grow herbs, vegetables, or have a tiny rain forest in your house, Biopod is the gadget you need. It is an app-controlled microhabitat that automatically regulates temperature, light, humidity, ventilation, and rainfall. Now on Kickstarter!

PillBox – World’s smartest meds dispenser


Taking medicine is a serious thing and should not be taken lightly. PillBox is a smart medicine dispenser that comes with dr. Pocket platform that will help you to never forget about your medicines and will make it safer. Can be used by individuals, families, or professional caregivers. Now on Kickstarter!

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