Eye-catching Crowdfunding Campaigns this Week

Robo Wunderkind: A robot anyone can build



The future kids will play with very different toys than we had in our youth. Robo Wunderkind allows kids of any age to build, code, and play with toys of their own, anything what they can imagine. Makes us wonder, what will these kids, growing up with such toys, create for the future generations? Now on Kickstarter!




snickerdoodle is a tiny computer built to be connected to the real world. With a powerful ARM processor, FPGA, 154 I/O, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 built-in, snickerdoodle is a brain for your robot, an autopilot for your drone, and the backbone for your computer vision system – all in one tight little package and for the price of a wireless-enabled Raspberry Pi. Now on CrowdSupply!

Weighitz: World’s smallest smart scale!


Have you noticed that we have way too many devices to do the same thing – weigh something. There are kitchen scales, bathroom scales, postal scales, hook scales for suitcases so you don’t get in trouble at the airport… Weighitz is a smart solution that will turn any platform into a smart weighing scale. This is the only gadget you need for weighing. Now on Kickstarter!


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